Hilarius Tawang Alun

- Bachelor of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Atma Jaya Yogyakarta

- Professional Member of HAKI

Hilarius Tawang Alun

Tawang has been working in Structural Building Planning since 2005. He has design various types of structural building from highrise, lowrise, industrial building and structural audit for building. Before starting his own company and collaborating with BE studio, Tawang had experience in several structural planning companies, such as, PT. Konsultan T.Y.Lin International, PT. Meinhardt Indonesia and PT. Wiratman & Associates. His built project not only in Indonesia but also on overseas such as South Korea, Singapore , UEA and Kuwait.

Teaming up with BE studio, Tawang involve in some projects, such as, Honda Bintang Cimone, Kema Merbabu and many other residential projects with complicated details.

More about Tawang visit : http://www.pelitarc.com