The City of Boyolali is a famous for its natural and cultural recreation. Its beautiful region of Ngagrong, the project’s site, is situated on a highland with 520-1840 mdpl elevation. The people of Ngagrong make their living by farming and raising livestock. This small population forms a solid daily activities that has a big potential to become a growing EcoHub. By having two-ways flow of support, the people and the infrastructure owner could present an authentic experience of Indonesian traditional village, as well as exceptional architectural experience that unfolds the feelings of the artificial enclosure and the scenic view.

The architectural concept applied pay serious attention into connecting each spaces, the entrance, and soon to be constructed amphitheatre. The design would collaborate with local artisans and growing local metal craft communities, Natural Tour and Forest Conservation of Mount Merbabu National Park, and heritage — historical — site Guiding Team of Mount Merbabu.

The visitors may expect not only fresh air and grass, but also a clear view of the surrounding hills and mountain, while still feeling exclusive by occupying one bungalow out of the wide option available in this Ngagrong Ecohub, Boyolali, Indonesia.

Despite of the beautiful scenic view of mountains around this region, Ngagrong has a few concerns. The excessive of land clearing which was done by the people around this region and the huge amount in using pesticide which has caused the deteriorate of soil quality are a few concerns in Ngagrong area. Although Ngagrong region is located only 5 kilometres from Salatiga-Solo road which is one of economical hub in Central Java, people in Ngagrong has very low income. According to the local government an average family which consists of father, mother and two children only receive six million rupiahs a year. A number which a family can be categorized as poor.

In order to improve those concerns, we present this project in Ngagrong region. To become the EcoHub for a few potential activities which already growing around Ngagrong region, such as Cepogo metal craft, Natural Tour and Forest Conservation of Mount Merbabu National Park, and heritage trail and historical sites around mount merbabu.


Structure Engineer : PT Pelita Reka Cipta & Mariance

MEP : PT MEPraya Teknindo Konsultan

Branding Consultant : Sunvisual

Photographer : David