In less than a year, Indonesia Call Centre demands an expansion of their office building in Kranggan which was also designed by Be Studio Indonesia.

Keeping the concept of office park on to the whole experience, the ground level of the extension is left hanging by the structures on its east side. Using the Pilotis method, the inclined land is function as the water absorbent area.

The main building has occupied around 18% of the whole site. The extension office is planned to take approximately 6%, which makes the total Building Coverage Ratio become 24%. The remaining area is considered as green and shaded.

It is necessary to have the construction process clean and practical, yet still produce a playful look that has its unique charm enhanced, providing a more laid back and casual working environment.

Cargotecture is the utilisation of containers to create an architectural space, that serves both contemporary yet playful look. Call Centre Office extension project uses 11 containers stacked into 3 levels (storeys), resulting in an enjoyable atmosphere for informal meeting rooms. The wooden plaza is configured in the middle with an open space vibe and enough wind breeze. The whole building is supported with the structural steels in each levels.

The stairs are chosen as the building circulation system to reach different floors, and are shaped from a container that has been cut into halves, articulated from the mass. Making sure the circulation is safe for the emergency, a steel ladder is added on the northeastern part, to be headed towards the service area in the semi-basement floor.


Structure Engineer : PT Pelita Reka Cipta

MEP Engineer : PT MEPraya Teknindo Konsultan

Quantity Surveyor : Agung N

Scale Model : Obeng