This project has very compact program from the client. They want a building which is very functional and can also be their business storefront.

The land of the site is sloping from the west (Jl. Hankam Raya) to the east. This make the building can have space for semi basement as a support space for the acivities of the building above. And from the main road ( Jl. Hankam Raya ) the building will still look as two stories buiding which resemble with the surroundings.

The challenge of this project is the drainage. The city drainage whis is suppose to be located along the main road (Jl. Hankam Raya) is not available. Therefore all the water from the rain has to be absorb by the soil of the site. In order to do that we provide lots of infiltration wells and quite big pond at the east side of the site.

By growing some trees and using only 18% of all total site area for the building, we hope this project can be the next ‘Office Park’ for Bekasi area and its surroundings.


Co-worker Architect : Hendro Yuliarto

Structure Engineer : Hilarius Tawang

MEP Engineer : Deddy R Rosadi

Rendering Collaborator : Satrio Anindito

Construction Management Consultant : PT. Megatama Konstruksi

Main contractor : PT. Alkonusa