The third winning submitted proposal was a result of research based approach - signifying both academic value and practices. It was tailored specifically to the site, corresponded to the main and adjacent function as well as environmental factors. Integration and business value were engaged and added following its potential without disregarding the transient nature of a station.

The context of UI Station linearly demarcated public and high density development (Margonda road) with educational institution and urban forest (UI) carefully weaved into design. Various studies of accessibility, movement, route options, and security led to strategic decisions of locating the entrances and created stacks of new programs. A higher volume with second storey is proposed to envisage the rapid growth both in the public side and university, and to cater the needs of the fast-paced community.

The project is also expected to bind into the site with minimum impact to the surrounding environment. Ecological values are embedded in the design from opening strategy to zero run-off. The result is a distinctive program where the passengers and building users not only able to conveniently navigated through the station, but also be informed and benefited from the facility.


Architect in Charge : Andi ALif, Erick Budhi Yulianto, Sigit Kusumawijaya

Assistant Architect : Nisa Addina Haqi

Building Performance Engineer : Anggie Amalia

Architectural Designer : Budiarti Prananingrum, Intan Nurul Ahdya

Rendering Collaborator : AR Visual