The brief of this residential project for a family of 5 is to provide a tropical resort-like vibe, in both the spatial sense and the feeling. Situated in Condet, the proposed design is to bring back the old Condet’s tranquility and green harmony into every corner.

As to maintain the tone, the composition is set to engage with various natural elements and additional installation of synthetic rattan for multifunctional room outdoor panels. A series of locally made terracotta and wooden ventilation blocks (customized) also interlocked with this humble architectural building.

Adopting the Bali’s concept of Telajakan, the building is pulled a bit far away from the street which help improving the street scape from its dense surrounding and earning additional space for landscaping around the front yard.

The usage of giant exotic trees, such as Baobab and Samanea, creates a scenic view around the house, providing a healthy and calming landscape throughout the exploration activities around the area. Introducing the water elements before the building is expected to narrate friendly and welcoming home for the family and guests.

Air circulation flows inside the house through the big openings oriented to North and South to maintain a comfortable temperature inside, despite the centralized AC systems installed.


Structure Consultant : Mariance

Wood Specialist : Kaii Living

Stone Specialist : PT Pancayasa Primatangguh

Built in Furniture : Metric

Secondary Skin Specialist : Byo Living