A skyscraper project for Pelindo Office Centre situated in a very strategic site with good accessibility and connectivity in Surabaya - The second most developing metropolitan city of Indonesia, after Jakarta. Being the first high tower of the surrounding, the building owns the 360º sight of the sea by itself.

The challenge for its architecture is to create a recognisable landmarks of Surabaya by the sea. The massing of the building is the result of extending the character of Surabaya downtown, touched by a luxurious reflective facade for the elevation to achieve exceptional image.

The building itself is designed to be environmentally-friendly, starting from maintaining its operational cost to be highly efficient, basic shape of the building, materials, recycling items such as rainwater and so forth, to the type of plants harvested on the green areas. The parking building’s skin is used to bring more green coverage onto the block by installing a vertical garden and make it as a focal point of the port.

For the entire building, especially its working area, the accessibility is eased for various users, from the VIP class to the disabled. The office rooms are columns free, to push the creative lay outing ideas for the space-users. The high ceiling level create a sense of wider projection and vista from the inside to the surrounding areas as well as the Perak Harbour. The recreational spaces such as food court, banking hall, ballroom, and gymnasium are added to the facility to complete its program. The flowing air is kept in high quality using the best equipment. Furthermore, the building would be able to control the heat that comes with its shading and double glass facade that cover its entire space.

The facility provides a public transportation stop in its unfolded plaza, which is opened for public. Its masjid and foodcourt are designed to have a welcoming characteristic for its community contribution.

Rainwater harvesting and recycling system are efficiently programmed to the building for the gardening and toilet flushing needs. The plants on the landscape can be found locally, which is specified for water usage reduction. To enhance the point of sustainability, the construction maximises in local materials utilisation and prefabrication. The method would decrease the amount of wastes produced during the construction process. All building systems are integrated to achieve the most sustainable and liveable environment for the office employees, the environment, and the existing communities of the neighbourhood.


Basic Design Consultant : PT Airmas Asri

Design and Build : PT Wijaya Karya dan PT Jakarta Konsultindo

Architect in Charge : BE Studio Indonesia dan Attaya Architects

Construction Management Consultant : PT Manajemen Konstruksi Utama

Rendering Collaborator :  Kunkun 3D Visualization Partner & Rangga Umbas