This is a house renovation project which has quite compact and fast schedule. The design and construction has to be finish in 4 months all together.

The existing house is 400 m2 two storey house on 1100 m2 site. The site itself is a corner lots of a closed residencial. It is located across a club house and in front of a wide river which cut trough The Kemang Pratama Residencial.

The idea of the renovation is to make lots of vistas which can framed the new landscape which we grow on the site. The addition of new planes as articulation of the function of rooms inside, made the building mass more dynamic.

We add vertical garden on the west and south perimeter as a boundary of the site and the neigbourhood. The vertical garden also acted as a background of the swimming pool which can be seen from the living room.


Main Contractor : Tommy Irsam