As fast growing region, Yogyakarta need new vertical settlements on eastern area for its population. The client is going to build an apartment next to one of the big mix used building, Ambarukmo Plaza, on the Jogja-Solo road. The construction of the apartment will take few years and the client need a space to represent their project as well as to sell the units. Therefore they decided to build a marketing gallery building.

A new meeting point on the eastern side of Yogyakarta is our main concept for this marketing gallery. In order to gather lots of people we use only 15% of the whole site area for the building, and the rest of the site is used for open plaza which can provide any outdoor activities or art exhibiton for people around Yogyakarta.

Hopefully beside its function as a storefront for the client, the marketing gallery can give benefit for its surroundings.


Rendering Collaborator : Satrio Anindito