Gedung X FIB UI

Client :


Location :

Depok, Jawa Barat

Designer :

Budiarti Prananingrum

Erick Budhi Yulianto


Harya Nayaka Wijaya

Hernindya AS

Satrio Anindito

Aim to become the Center of International Language and Culture of the Universitas Indonesia, the design of the building is intended to bring exceptional impression for the passers-by, spatially and visually.

Being located in the northernmost part of the area with the purposeful height of the structure, the scheme allows the construction to become a new centre of orientation that completes the surrounding architectural elements.

Its two gigantic frames transverse from the east side to west create an opening on the north and south. The room in between bring forth the creativity and energy and transform it into an active and agile space.


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